Special Programs

At VIP Activities Mykonos we offer a wide range of special programs to cater for the individual needs of:

  • Groups
  • Schools and Universities
  • Private Sector – Local and Multinational Companies
  • Government Organizations

Below we are listing a sample range of special programs we offer to cater to different customer requirements.

Please contact us at dive@mykonosvipactivities.com to inquire about any of these. We will get back to you with a tailored answer to serve your needs in the best possible way.

Team building

We offer a wide variety of program options for Companies and other organizations.

School camps

Since our formation we have developed custom made programs for a number of (International) Schools from America and Europe.

Educational support programs

We have developed a variety of programs together with local Universities and organizations on children’s awareness, regarding negative and positive impacts of human actions and their consequences upon the environment.

Scuba training for universities

We have developed a special program for those Universities and students with programs that involve surface and submerged research studies and programs.

Oceanic awareness program

This consists of 10 lessons, 45 minutes per session, Orca Scuba program, specifically designed for children aging from 8-18 on 10 main Ocean related topics.

Underwater Wedding proposals

Proposing to your other half is the hardest thing in this world. It needs a lot of planning, thought and understanding to create the perfect scenario.